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Updated by Henry de Beer 28 February 2013
Like humans, fish also need medical care, but as no hospitals are available to them, you the angler, must play doctor.

What is Klin-ik?

Kryston Klin-ik is a totally safe approved laboratory formulated anti-
bacterial treatment suitable for all coarse fish. All of its ingredients have a proven track record of successfully combating infection. Within the solution you will find ingredients which are found in an operating theatre, a dentist and a vet. A team of specialist in their fields following lengthy consultation with MAFF eventually arrived at the formulation. 50% of the contents are produced from natural ingredients and it contains the most powerful anti-viral agent known to man. It also contains antibacterial, fungal and parasiticed agents. A great deal of time, research and effort went into the making of the formula with the directive that it be totally safe to both man and fish.

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Essential Carp Care

Essential Carp Care

by Alan Stagg

Updated by Henry de Beer 28 February 2013

Caring for your catch is a vitally important aspect in the sport of carp fishing. It is the responsibility of all anglers to ensure their catch is treated with the utmost respect, and returned to the water without harm i.e. in the same pristine condition as it left the water.

Having studied at Sparsholt College, the UK’s premier aquaculture college, I have learned that good fish care practice is an essential requirement for all anglers and a lot can be learnt from watching experienced anglers deal with their catch.

By ensuring the fish are given this care, damage is avoided and we can be happy that we have cared for the fish whilst they are out of their natural environment, but it also means that the fish will be in perfect condition for the next lucky angler that tempts the specimen. Another by-product of this care is also that good handling allows a fish to continue growing at its optimum growth rate as when ever there is damage some of the fish’s resources will naturally be used to repair wounds or sores.

Being organised whilst carping is paramount and will help any fish handling run smoothly, as things like unhooking mats, weigh slings, forceps and scales will all be close at hand. This allows for a quick and swift unhooking, weighing and return of your prised capture.....

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