Friday, 23 November 2012

ESP Buoyant Sweetcorn

ESP Buoyant Sweetcorn

Now available in mixed bright ‘fluoro’ colours Pink & White, Orange & Red and Green & Yellow (to complement the original yellow), ESP Sweetcorn is also available in two different size ‘groups’, Buoyant and Big Buoyant.

The Buoyant Sweetcorn has a very generous 16 grains in the packet (6 large, 6 medium, 2 small and 2 mini) plus two strips of complementary mini ESP hair stops.
An innovative feature is the hair stop recess on selected grains which accepts the mini hair stop. Some of the grains have the recess on the end whilst others have the recess on the side to suit various presentations. This recess makes the hair stop sit almost flush with the surface of the corn which not only looks very neat but is also a real help when fishing waters where crabs are present, it makes it much more difficult for them to steal the bait! There are also grains with no hair stop recess at all.

The Big Buoyant Sweetcorn has 18 (yes18!) grains squeezed into the packet (6 giant, 6 extra large and 6 large) plus two strips of complementary small ESP hair stops. Like on the smaller sizes, selected grains feature a hair stop recess on the side or on the end to allow for lengthways or sideways presentation, whilst other grains have no recess.

ESP Buoyant Sweetcorn is perfect for a wide variety of presentations from balancing or tipping boilies and tiger nuts, to creating the perfect pop up. The larger sizes are also ideal for zig rig fishing.

The vibrant fluoro colours provide excellent visual attraction and the colours can be mixed up or changed to suit varying conditions and feeding habits.
The vibrant ‘nature identical’ yellow colour provides not only excellent visual attraction; the creamy sweetcorn flavour impregnated during the moulding process offers also a very attractive scent.

ESP Buoyant Sweetcorn available at Henkor.


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Wychwood Epic Bite Alarm


* Epic alarms offer 6 different LED colour options at the touch of a button plus tone, volume and incredible sensitivity.
* They have a totally unique battery compartment which allows the alarm's electronics to be completely sealed for total reliability, whilst giving incredibly easy access to the battery compartment.
* The alarm is super thin thus you can use it at any angle whilst still ensuring perfect contact with the roller wheel.

* Slimmest alarm in existence
* 6 LED colours changeable on the alarm head
* 5 volume settings
* 6 tone settings
* Sensitivity from 5mm to 15cm
* Unique fixing for all bobbins on the market
* Twin nightlights
* Neoprene case
* Automatic power save function
* Can be used with the rod at a 45 degree angle
* Metal outer shell for robustness
* Enhanced water resistance
* Supplied with Lithium ion battery for long life


New Wychwood Products

Wychwood Adjustable 3 Rod Buzzer Bar - Aluminium (Single unit)

Twin knurled thumb screws.
Internal has flat side for positive locking.
Supplied FOC goalpost convertors.
Fully adjustable width.
Length = 25cm extends to 40cm (Distance from the centre to the side = 20cm).
Matt black powder coated finish
Sold in single units.

Wychwood Adjustable 3 Rod Buzzer Bar - Stainless (Single unit)

High grade 100% stainless construction.
Twin knurled thumbscrews.
Internal has flat side for positive locking.
Supplied FOC goalpost convertors.
Fully adjustable width.
Length = 25cm extends to 40cm (Distance from the centre to the side = 20cm).
Sold in single units.

New Bait Logic Artificial Baits.

Bait Logic Critical Sweetcorn YELLOW 15 pcs
Bait Logic Large Critical Maize YELLOW 15 pcs
Bait Logic Large Pop-Up Maize YELLOW 15 pcs 
Bait Logic Mimiks Bread Flake Floating

Climax CULT SINKING Braid 


1200m 19.4kg (40lb) - 0.20mm
1200m 25kg (50lb) - 0.25mm


The first ever FAST SINKING BRAID without weakening Polyester!
A new High-Modulus (High-Density) Hi-Tec material makes this line heavy (it literally sinks to the bottom like Leadcore) and highly abrasion resistant.

The line has an excellent breaking strength with near to zero elongation!
A true 8 fibre-braid, this innovative line is super smooth, perfectly round and extremely slick!
Ideal for silent, long distance casting without wind knots. 

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Going long….
by Paul Hatton 


It was probably around fifteen years ago when I first got the feeling that my catch rates would dramatically increase if I could only cast into an area of my local lake where fish would never usually see bait. I would sit and watch the fish cruising up and down along the far margin, where fishing was not allowed, their backs would often be out of the water and I could pretty much count them as I sat on my bed chair over a hundred and thirty yards away feeling rather frustrated!

The fish in this low stocked mere would often hold up in this safe area, especially when the lake was pressured and because it was only a couple of feet deep, it warmed up quickly and provided a safe place where they could soak up some sun without any threat from us anglers.

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