Wednesday, 27 March 2013

New Products

Hi everybody

We’ve received a small batch of Herring and LT94 Fish Meal.
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Delkim - ES Indication Set added to range
Following the success of the NiteLite Pro and DuoCarb, Delkim has added to its range of accessories with the launch of the exciting new ES Indication Set.
The ES Indication Set combines two new products, the ES NiteLite Pro and the ES DuoCarb which are designed to be used attached together in all conditions, but still allowing the ES NiteLite Pro to be used as a free hanging bobbin if required.
Field testing has shown that used in conjunction with the new Smart Clip the ES Indication Set gives total flexibility using any combination of slack, right through to tight lines.
The combination of the ES NiteLite Pro/ES DuoCarb results in a complete visual bite indication system that is Extra Short - Extra Slim - Extra Sensitive - Extra Stable - Extra Stylish.
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Team Henkor

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